Morphology at Scoops!

Paper Maché

Morphology by Anthony Chun

by Anthony Chun

mor·​phol·​o·​gy | \ mȯr-ˈfä-lə-jē
1. the branch of biology dealing with the form and structure of organisms.

Morphology by Anthony Chun is a series of Kaiju papier mache heads paired with crepe paper flowers. Anthony is a local multidisciplinary artist who has had two previous exhibitions at Scoops. He studied philosophy and literature at Yale. In 2018, Chun received an Emmy for directing Rick and Morty’s “Pickle Rick” (Season 3, Episode 3).

Reception: Saturday, March 23, 2019, 7-9 pm
at Scoops  712 N Heliotrope Dr. Los Angeles, 90029


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