Little Red Rocket

written and illustrated by Anthony Chun
Available as a Paperback copy on Amazon

This uplifting tale introduces the cutest cosmonaut to hit the galaxies! Little Red Rocket is a children’s book with a sci-fi twist on “Little Red Riding Hood.”
In a galaxy far away, a young girl is wandering the stars in her very own spaceship. To deliver the miraculous seed that holds the bounty of the universe, Little Red Rocket must go straight to her grandmother. But the Woorf wants to eat everything and everyone.
Can Little Red Rocket save grandma, and herself, from the Woorf? Can she teach the Woorf the value of sharing? 
Click on the thumbnails below to preview the entire book! If you want to hold it in your hands and read it to a loved one, order a paper copy today!


This book was intended as a gift, so please share it with as many people as you like!

Commercial use is strictly prohibited.


All artwork copyright © 2017 Anthony Chun. No unauthorized reproduction of images except for review purposes.

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